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The X4 BPM Suite

The X4 BPM Suite includes all tools to model, technically implement, execute and to monitor all your business processes.

Our graphical design tools allow you to model complex business processes and to increase productivity significantly. Build long-running stateful processes using the BPMN 2.0 notation standard and execute them instantly.

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X4 BPM Suite components

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Modelling, implementing and executing business processes with one tool

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Integrating people into business processes via web portals or apps

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Connecting systems, transforming data, providing and monitoring services

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Integrating applications and data into processes using adapters and connectors

X4 BPM Suite highlights

  • Graphically modelling instead of programming
  • One platform for business processes & technical workflows
  • Standard-compliant software, such as BPMN and XML
  • Extensive experience in business process automation
  • Define service level agreements inside the process model
  • Monitoring & dashboards available out of the box

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