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X4 Web Designer: Starting faster and achieving more

Working with X4 Web Designer is now becoming even easier with version 5.5. The simplified user interface offers useful entry points and helpful information, an integrated sample portal, as well as intuitive drag and drop functions within the UI Editor. This allows you to start faster with the implementation of powerful web portals and efficient human workflows based on X4 Activities.

Saving time and generating forms from datasources and JSON automatically

Why wasting time creating web forms manually when creating automatically can be so easy? The new X4 Web Designer allows to automatically generate web forms from an Activities datasource as well as from JSON schemes and JSON documents. Thus, you can save a lot of time when implementing details pages and dialogs for your web portal.

Managing big data from Elasticsearch in Web portals

To ensure perfect performance even with large data volumes, significant improvements have also been made under the hood: Our portal framework X4 Activities now allows to easily integrate Elasticsearch as a datasource for your operation list. Thus, even big data can be managed with high performance and both viewed and edited by portal users.

X4 Activities: Managing big data from Elasticsearch in Web portals

X4 ControlCenter: Full control via fine-granular roles

X4 ControlCenter roles

If you want to make a great leap forward in digitizing your business processes, full control over all events is required. Administrators can now precisely control which user groups are allowed to use the monitoring and administration functions within X4 ControlCenter.

Further new features and improvements

Besides the above-mentioned highlights, the following new features are available in release 5.5 of the X4 BPM Suite:

Using custom placeholders more easily

Use custom placeholders even faster by copying their full qualified name within the Custom Placeholder Storage Editor by right-click.

Easier troubleshooting during process validation

The extended process validation now allows the affected processes and properties to be opened from the detailed validation report.

Validation function for SOAP messages

Your SOAP input can now be optionally validated against a specified WSDL definition and the therein included XML schemes.

Converting XML documents into text

Converts XML documents into text documents, and vice-versa, text documents into XML documents according to the rules of an ASCII descriptor file.

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