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X4 Activities

Business processes frequently involve interaction with users. With X4 Activities, web-based workflow solutions are implemented within a very short time, allowing employees, customers and suppliers to be integrated into business processes.

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Creating human workflows

Reusable solution components for typical use cases such as operation lists or release workflows allow a fast and easy adjustment to customer-specific requirements. Some of these solution components are:

  • Authorization functions
  • Mail baskets, including forwarding and deputy functions
  • Specific document viewers
  • Calendar and map module

Integrating users into business processes

X4 Activities integrates employees, customers or suppliers into business processes. Whether you want to build dialogs, forms, order overviews or service level agreements – X4 Designer allows human workflows to be implemented at lightning speed.

Integrate users into business processes with X4 Activities
Integrate users into business processes with X4 Activities
X4 Activities Mobile

X4 Activities Mobile

X4 Activities Mobile enables interaction with people using mobile devices. This allows anyone who is involved in the workflow to perform the next steps – even if they are not at their workplace.

All relevant data and information are also available offline – the data will be automatically synchronized with the server after reconnecting.

URM: User and Rights Management

URM, the User and Rights Management allows to define users, groups, roles, and rights for any application.

The web-based management interface is intended for administrators who want to manage users and permissions for their X4 Activities applications. Connecting to an LDAP server is another possible option.

User & rights management
Managing users and rights with X4 URM
Sample implementation with X4 Activities

Intelligent order management

X4 Activities automates the order processing and supports advisors during essential steps of their communication with clients and service providers. The application is available both in the office and the field services.

Special dialogues cover the requirements of the client, who is provided with documents (reports, images, invoices) as well as with structured information for the following electronic processing.

Developing web application even easier

The X4 Web Designer allows web applications based on X4 Activities to to created quickly and easily directly in the browser.

  • Editors for the individual components of an application, i.a. for navigator, lister, action bar and detail view
  • Configuring and compiling applications graphically - directly in the browser, platform-independent and without installation
  • Creating applications with a single tool and testing them immediately 
  • Ready to use graphically configurable widgets, such as form elements, action buttons, dialogs, navigation elements etc.
  • Integrated JavaScript API to define complex business logic, validation and interactions
  • Flexible integration of additional external web frameworks
X4 Web Designer
Web-Anwendungen mit dem X4 Web Designer bauen

Use cases for X4 Activities

Building Human Workflows

Implementing processes with human interaction with X4 BPM and X4 Activities applications

Example: Service management, credit application process, comissioning and billing, quality management

Business Application Portals

Displaying, editing and approving tasks in a user-friendly web application within the browser

Examples: supplier portal to access information on material requirements, portal for the coordination of viewing appointments

Providing Mobile Applications

Mobile access to current information in the web or as app with X4 Activities Mobile

Examples: Apps for off-site service engineers, service provider search, rescue service coordination

X4 Activities highlights

  • Fast implementation by using already available widgets, e.g. scheduler, map view, inboxes
  • Audit trail: Historicization of all user interactions and user entries
  • Web IDE: Creating and configuring forms and navigation elements via browser
  • Workflow module to edit tasks more efficiently, e.g. for routing, scheduling and follow-up
  • One single responsive web application for both desktop browsers and mobile devices
  • Integrated user management with X4 URM, or external access management via LDAP directory

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