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X4 adapters and connectors

The X4 BPM Suite provides an extensive collection of standard adapters and connectors to integrate applications and data into business processes. This approach allows heterogeneous IT landscapes to be transferred into a service-oriented architecture.

X4 adapters are process components providing basic functions such as protocol conversions, document processing or allowing the access to complex enterprise systems.

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More than 200 adapters & connectors

The X4 adapters have been divided into the following topics depending on their application.
Click on a category to see the individual adapters.

Managed File Transfer

The following adapters and connectors enable the communication between X4 processes and the outside world and support all major transfer protocols. Thus, for example e-mails can be sent and received, files can be transferred via FTP or Secure FTP (SFTP, FTPS) and messaging systems (such as IBM WebSphere MQ) can be connected.

Enterprise adapters

X4 Enterprise adapters and connectors integrate core systems of a company into its business processes. Thus, for example SAP systems can be integrated into X4 processes using various SAP connectors.

Documents and formats

These adapters allow the automated processing of documents in different formats within X4 processes.

Protocols and services

The X4 BPM Suite supports a great number of protocols and services. The corresponding adapters and connectors are all summed up in the category Protocols and Services.

Process interface

Within the X4 BPM Suite, X4 processes can also be addressed via different interfaces. The following process interface adapters are available:


The different database connectors allow any database systems to be integrated into X4 processes. Besides the reading and writing of data, procedures can be run, database metadata can be queried and tables and structures can be created.


Security adapters and connectors allow to encrypt and decrypt data in X4 processes and to create and validate signatures.


Variety of adapters simplifying the modeling of processes: compression, XML processing, X4 system adapters and logging.

Monitoring and administration

Adapters and connectors for monitoring and managing software and hardware components. This is done via SNMP and JMX, allowing to monitor the entire IT infrastructure and to analyze and present the information in processes.

Automation and process engineering

Adapters and connectors for integrating systems within the automation and process engineering.

Industry-specific Adapters

Adapters and process solutions are available for a variety of industries and technologies. The X4 BPM Suite supports typical formats of the insurance industry or from the energy sector.

Use cases for X4 adapters & connectors

Integrating IT Systems

Integrating software applications with X4 adapters and connectors via all common protocols

Examples: Online shop and ERP in ordering processes, CRM and ERP for comparing customer data, host and ERP for invoicing

Processing Emails

Receiving and sending emails with or without attachments and formatting using the X4 Email Transfer Adapter

Examples: Status change notifications, automated reading of multidrop mailboxes, exchanging measured values via email

Secure Data Transfer

Transferring data in a secure way and automating authentication using X4 adapters and X4 Proxy

Examples: Authentication via LDAP, RSA encryption, XML signatures, S/MIME for emails, data transmission via SFTP, SCP and HTTPS

Processing Documents

Reading, modifying and generating MS Office documents and PDF documents with X4 adapters and the Reporting Module

Examples: Processing and creating Word and Excel files, reading and filling PDF forms, creating and reading ZIP archives

Converting/Transforming Data

Converting any data format and structure into any target format with the X4 Mapping Designer, using X4 converters and XSL

Examples: Exporting database content to Excel, converting EDIFACT messages, creating/processing CSV files

Adapter missing?

Please let us know. We might have implemented it already for a customer project.
Else we are also pleased to develop new adapters to suit your individual needs.

X4 Adapter Highlights

  • Plug & play capability for all adapters
  • Adapters for all standard protocols, formats, and systems
  • Building custom adapters easily with X4 ADK
  • Easy to use: Just drag & drop within the X4 Designer
  • Setting parameters instead of programming
  • Continuously growing number of adapters

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