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X4 Business Process Management

The X4 BPM Suite includes all tools to model, technically implement, execute and to monitor business processes. Long-running stateful processes are modeled graphically within the X4 BPM Designer and executed state-dependent. Business processes created with the X4 BPM Designer orchestrate the services provided by the X4 Enterprise Service Bus.

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Importing and exporting process models

Roundtrip – BPMN 2.0 import and export

The X4 BPM Suite supports the roundtrip between business process models and their technical implementation.

Already modeled processes in BPMN 2.0 notation standard are imported with the X4 BPM Designer. Here, also manufacturer-specific formats are supported, e.g. from Signavio, ARIS, GBTEC or MID Innovator. Thus, previously static process descriptions can be technically implemented after their import.

Since the BPMN 2.0 interface has been developed with X4 processes, the import and export is easily adaptable to new formats and manufacturers.

Documenting business processes

A comprehensive and current process documentation is an important prerequisite for establishing, maintaining and improving company-wide quality standards.

X4 BPM allows modeled processes to be documented at the push of a button. The process documentation is generated dynamically via X4 processes and can be created and published in almost any format by using corresponding adapters. Thus, process participants such as employees, customers and suppliers always get the current documentation.

Generating process documentation within the X4 Designer
Documenting and publishing processes at the push of a button
Monitor processes with BAM
Process monitoring in BAM

Monitoring and analyzing processes

Qualified decisions can only be made with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the process flow. Business activity monitoring (BAM), as part of X4 ControlCenter, provides features for testing, monitoring, analyzing and documenting business processes. This BAM feature monitors service level agreements determined within the process model in real-time during the process execution.

Use cases for X4 BPM

Implementing Business Processes

From the BPMN process model to the technical implementation without programming – within the same easy to use tool.

Examples: Service management, comissioning and billing, quality management

Modelling Long-Running Processes

Save points and status changes within long-running processes pause the process in case of waiting or idle phases and ensure the state.

Examples: Notifications on status change, multi-stage release processes with status-dependent processing

Orchestrating Processes

Orchestrating ESB processes on the business (BPM) layer. BPM and ESB (integration) layer remain linked at any time.

Examples: BPM process for the release of holiday requests, purchase and procurement processes

Testimonials for X4 BPM

X4 technology helps us to connect our customer's manufacturing machines with their IT systems.

Jochen Weber, ProNES Automation GmbH
Jochen Weber
ProNES Automation GmbH

X4  has all the necessary tools and functions to model, directly implement and test processes.

Klaus Klatt

X4 BPM highlights

  • Graphically modelling instead of programming
  • One platform for business processes & technical workflows
  • Standard-compliant software, such as BPMN and XML
  • Extensive experience in business process automation
  • Service level agreements directly within the process model
  • Monitoring & dashboards available out of the box

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