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X4 SAP enables companies to integrate SAP-based systems into any company-cross business processes and to connect them with non-SAP systems. All SAP-relevant data are processed transaction secure and without media discontinuities − from their origin to their completion.

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Integration of SAP and non-SAP systems with X4 SAP

SAP integration without programming

With X4 SAP, it is no longer necessary to develop your own components for communicating with SAP. The solution provides an adapter for the X4 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) usable out of the box. You can drag & drop the adapter into your business processes and graphically configure it.

The X4 SAP adapter meets the highest standards in terms of performance, scalability and security.

Transaction secure data interchange between SAP and non-SAP systems

With X4 SAP, data is securely exchanged between SAP and the systems involved in real time. X4 SAP is based on the JCo API, SAP’s recommended standard. JCo allows to access all data and internal SAP business processes both via Remote Function Calls (RFCs) or using Business APIs (BAPI) on any Business Objects. X4 SAP also allows nesting of BAPIs within business processes.

To exchange data via ALE (Application Link Enabling), IDocs can be created and exchanged bidirectionally with SAP systems. 

Integration of SAP and non-SAP systems with X4 SAP
Integration of SAP and non-SAP systems with X4 SAP

Use cases for X4 SAP

Connect CRM and SAP

Automated data synchronisation between CRM and the integrated ERP system via adapters − e.g. for Salesforce, CobraCRM and L-mobile.
Access up-to-date contact data, corporate and sales information.

Hand over CRM customer data to SAP ERP automatically for data synchronisation
Transfer SAP orders and delivery blocks from the ERP system into the CRM system

Connect PIM and SAP

Efficiently connect structured product data from the PIM system with the ERP system for all media and distribution channels. Freely customizable bidirectional integration of PIM systems to SAP via adapters and standard workflows.

Electronic catalogs, online shops and print catalog obtain current data from SAP;
Transfer master data from SAP to the PIM system.

Connect online shop and SAP

Implement core processes between SAP ERP and eCommerce via automated workflows and adapters to call SAP and the online shop API − available for Magento, Intershop, OXID, Shopware and ePages

Exchange of price information and discounts, store data regarding inventory & availability, order information with history & order status, graphics, photos & documents

SAP integration – online & offline

X4 SAP allows to create interface specifications automatically. The generated XML structures are copied to the X4 Server repository and can then be used, e.g. for process modeling. Thus, complex SAP integration projects can also be prepared offline. The R/3 connection data can be dynamically adapted to the particular situation within the process running time (SAP client, user, language, SAP system number).

Connecting multiple SAP systems

X4 SAP allows to connect multiple SAP systems to the X4 Enterprise Service Bus at the same time. This can be relevant for the following scenarios:

  • Two or more systems are operated at different locations.
  • An already existing SAP host needs to be connected to a new SAP host within the scope of a migration project.

X4 SAP highlights

  • Realtime communication – Data is processed instantly
  • Performant processing via connection pooling
  • Execute business processes transaction secure
  • Based on future-proof X4 technology
  • Interchange bidirectional SAP data with third party systems
  • Extensible processes, e.g. checking & conversion
  • Connect & work - The SoftProject standard
  • Easy adjustment of integration processes with X4 Designer

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