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X4 BAM – Business Activity Monitoring

With Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), you get real-time analysis and presentation of time-critical services. X4 BAM allows to monitor the execution of all services during runtime, and it enables you to intervene. Messages, errors and current state values can be retrieved and workflows for alerts or escalations can be implemented.

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Monitoring services via the X4 ControlCenter
Service monitoring via dashboards within X4 ControlCenter

Application monitoring

X4 BAM integrates and monitors any application using adapters and connectors (listeners), e.g. to monitor the availability of all systems and their response times.

Additional connectors can be easily developed in Java using the X4 Adapter Development Kit (X4 ADK).

Available monitoring interfaces


MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL


IBM z/OS CICS Transaction Gateway (TG)


Access to Java Management Extensions


HTTP(S), ReST and SOAP web services


Simple Network Management Protocol


Low-level protocols such as TCP and UDP

Legacy system

Easily integrate legacy interfaces with X4 ADK


Further monitoring interfaces on request

Application monitoring with X4 BAM

Business Process Monitoring

Processes and their states (status values) as well as data and other information relevant for technical evaluations can be both actively queried and passively monitored (via listeners) with X4 BAM.

X4 workflows are executed automatically time- or event-driven and display the monitoring information in real time, e.g. in graphical dashboards within the X4 ControlCenter.

Business views

Within X4 BAM, different views for professional and technical users can be defined. The technical view displays process dependencies or event correlations as text or graphics, enriched with deep links.

Technical protocols (logs) relevant for the IT operation are analyzed automatically and visualized within a technical view in dashboards as graphics or tables.

Application monitoring
Application monitoring in X4 BAM

X4 Business Activity Monitoring highlights

  • Choose graphically which systems to monitor
  • Integrate any system with X4 adapters, e. g. via SNMP, TCP
  • Monitor hardware, software systems, and workflows
  • Connect & work - the SoftProject standard
  • Configurable refresh intervals for each data source
  • Execution monitoring of time-controlled processes
  • Historicisation of system states within the X4 BAM database
  • Alerts & reporting via email or SMS

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