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X4 EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

A large number of companies still communicate via fax and email. Documents such as invoices, orders or delivery notes need to be entered manually into various systems. This is not only time-consuming, but also extremely error-prone.

X4 EDI enables cross-enterprise data exchange without complex programming and extensive adjustments. This solution is ideal to efficiently transfer and exchange orders, billing information, financial data etc.

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High Security Business Processes

X4 EDI enables communication across companies and integrates already existing IT systems such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft into automated business processes.

Industry-specific EDIFACT message types such as INVOIC, ORDERS and DESADV are supported, as well as all major communication channels (X.400, email, HTTP, FTP, OFTP, AS2) used for data transmission. Moreover, X4 EDI offers a variety of directly usable standard processes.

To ensure the secure transmission of sensitive messages, X4 EDI uses digital signatures and encrypted documents.

X4 EDI Viewer

X4 EDI Viewer is an user interface that displays all messages. EDI operators and other stakeholders can do both view messages and edit incorrect messages easily (data clearing).

X4 EdiViewer

X4 EDI Use Cases


Processing EDIFACT message types, e.g. orders (ORDERS), invoices (INVOIC) or delivery advices (DESADV)

Data Transfer

Bidirectional use of all common communication channels such as X.400, email, HTTP, FTP (SFTP, FTPS), OFTP, AS2

Secure Data Transfer

Secure transfer of electronic documents using digital signatures and document encryption


Audit-compliant archiving of EDI documents and audit logging


Permanent availability and reliability ensured by several redundant servers

EDI Industry Standards

Supporting all EDI standards such as UN/EDIFACT, VDA, GDV etc.

Testimonials for the X4 BPM Suite

X4 technology helps us to connect our customer's manufacturing machines with their IT systems.

Jochen Weber, ProNES Automation GmbH
Jochen Weber
ProNES Automation GmbH

X4 EDI highlights

  • Error-free, automated business processes
  • Reducingn manual data clearing significantly
  • Improving data security and quality
  • Connect & Work - the SoftProject standard
  • Available also as Cloud service (SaaS) from our data center
  • Partner profiles for many businesses and industries
  • All major communication channels, systems and formats
  • Perfect for small and medium sized companies


X4 Webinars

Request a free webinar and learn more about the X4 technology, our X4 solutions and the automation of business processes with the X4 BPM Suite.

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