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X4 Proxy

X4 Proxy has been developed to meet the enterprise requirement of a secure Internet connection, where a web-based control of the communication and the access are required.

X4 Proxy enables the connection to be secure, performant and controllable down to the very last detail. It decouples requests coming via the Internet from internal networks and allows for example intranet web services to be protected against external requests.

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X4 Proxy makes the difference

Typical proxy solutions are usually only able to forward requests from the Internet to the internal network via DMZ (demilitarized zone) or to perform an authentication. However, X4 Proxy offers the comprehensive features of the X4 Process Engine.

Checking Incoming Requests

X4 Proxy can perform a content-related examination and and performs the corresponding next processing steps:

  • Based on rules, only relevant data will be forwarded to internal processes.
  • If validation rules are violated, context information can be logged, processing will be aborted and an error message will be sent.
  • Audit logging for exchanged can be enabled, including business data enrichment
  • Statistical analysis of the connection data

X4 Proxy use cases

Attack Detection

Automatically disable running processes in X4 Proxy in case of an external attack


Packing/unpacking (compression) of data for efficient data transfer and storage

SSL Acceleration

Outsourcing encryption to X4 Proxy in order to relieve the back-end, e.g. AES, RSA, Triple DES etc.


Caching of data to accelerate data transfer

Single Sign-on

Authenticate only once for multiple X4 Server instances

Load balancing

Distribution of the incoming requests on several servers to avoid overload


SOAP/ReST web service requests are checked and forwarded unchangedly to a facade in the intranet zone

Parsing & validation

Processing of any data formats, e.g XML and JSON; Validation against rules (whitelist/blacklist) and XML schemes


Integration of any systems or functions using adapters, e g. of LDAP directories or custom check functions

Testimonials for the X4 BPM Suite

X4 technology helps us to connect our customer's manufacturing machines with their IT systems.

Jochen Weber, ProNES Automation GmbH
Jochen Weber
ProNES Automation GmbH

X4 Proxy highlights

  • Full functionality of the X4 Process Engine
  • Protection of your back-end against attacks
  • Analytics and monitoring of unwanted connections
  • Load balancing to avoid overloading
  • Reduce webserver load by using an intelligent proxy
  • Single sign-on for multiple X4 Servers
  • Efficient data compression
  • Connect & work - the SoftProject standard


X4 Webinars

Request a free webinar and learn more about the X4 technology, our X4 solutions and the automation of business processes with the X4 BPM Suite.

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