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X4 Rules

X4 Rules checks all your documents automatically on basis of individually adjustable rules and statistical models (data mining) and alarms you immediately in case of abnormalities.

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Automated checking of all type of receipts

Checking Documents in Many Formats and for all Industries

Calculations, cost estimates, invoices, delivery notes, salary statements or reports – X4 Rules allows to check documents for a variety of industries. It identifes abnormalities reliably, and guarantees an efficient processing for all participants.

Any data formats such as email, PDF, JPG, TIFF or data sets (e. g. GDV, BiPRO, EDI, CSV, XML) can be transferred into an fully-automated workflow.

Customizable Validation Rules

By default, X4 Rules already offers a range of pre-configured rules that can be extended and give more or less weight individually.

The validation rules are based e. g. on:

  • Keyword search,
  • Set limit values, or
  • Validations against service provider databases.

Test Procedures of X4 Rules

X4 Rules applies a combined process for checking documents. On the one hand, the process is based on a set of rules which check structured data, such as calculations, for irregularities.

On the other hand, statistical data mining methods are applied which can be used across all industries.

Automatic test report

Each checked document contains a report where abnormalities are visualized by a traffic light sign. Data records marked green can be processed without any concern and are automatically released.

Striking records (yellow and red marked), however, are forwarded to manual check.

X4 Autocheck Viewer

X4 Rules Highlights

  • Automated document checking with alerting
  • Fully customizable rule sets
  • Outputs structured data for statistical analysis
  • Automated routing of business events
  • Structured data storage to determine key indicators
  • Faster throughput times due to optimized processes
  • View check results in X4 AutoCheck Viewer
  • Connect & work - the SoftProject standard

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