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Digitizing business processes with one tool

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One platform for modelling, implementing and executing business processes

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Connecting IT systems, transforming data, providing and monitoring services

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Integrating people into business processes via web portals or as app

Use cases

Connecting IT Systems

Integrate applications into business processes with X4 adapters & connectors

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Transforming data

Convert data formats and structures via X4 converters and the XSL Mapping Designer

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Monitoring systems

Monitor IT systems and hardware within the X4 ControlCenter

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Communicating electronically

Company-cross electronical message exchange via the X4 ESB

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Realising business processes

Grafically model processes and implement them at the same time with X4 BPM und X4 Activities

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Checking documents automatically

Convert any documents into structured data and check them with the X4 Rules Engine

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About SoftProject

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SoftProject is a full-service provider and offers products, solutions and services.

The product range includes development, consulting, training, hosting and support.

Benefit from our extensive experience in business processes automation. 

Our customers

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The X4 Enterprise Service Bus is our most stable application in the data center.

Karl Wilhelm Nilles
Karl Wilhelm Nilles
R+V Versicherung

X4 technology helps us to connect our customer's manufacturing machines with their IT systems.

Jochen Weber, ProNES Automation GmbH
Jochen Weber
ProNES Automation GmbH

The X4 Enterprise Service Bus helps us to create a clear interface landscape with unified technologies.

Michael Brümmer
Michael Brümmer
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

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